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Into the Vacuum: A Tale of Two Kidnappings

As the call to save the kidnapped Nigerian girls bounces through the echo chamber of sympathetic social media followers and reaches the highest offices of the U.S. government, the atrocious abstraction of this crime has taken many, very vivid shapes. … Continue reading

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Gap Year

I am amazed, always, by the writers of the world who can also religiously update blogs as they are both writing for a living and, well, living! I am not as yet so skilled, though each new year—with its extra … Continue reading

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The End of 2012 and Looking Forward: Keeping Hope Alive

The year is slowly coming to an end, taking the most halting steps as it does, and as I find myself looking ahead to 2013, I can’t help but linger on some of the stories that I sit with now. … Continue reading

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Dignity: Delhi, India

This week I had the impossibly good fortune of spending a seemingly impossible three days in India, in Delhi, with the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. While I will write more on the very impressive conference later, I’m up early, jet-lagged and … Continue reading

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Amen: Nairobi, Kenya

In the Nairobi apartment I shared with Dr. Abdi and her family lived two women who helped with the cooking, the cleaning, and the caring for Dr. Abdi’s grandson, Ahmed. Anabey, 18, is the veteran—she grew up in Dr. Abdi’s … Continue reading

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Witness: Nairobi, Kenya

I am in bed today, in Nairobi, with BBC on the television and Dr. Hawa Abdi, a 65-year-old Somali ob-gyn and humanitarian, on the cell phone in the next bedroom. I have been living in this apartment for more than … Continue reading

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My Grandfather’s Memoirs: Detroit, Michigan

On Monday night I was in Detroit, visiting my grandparents, who have lived in the area, on and off, since forever. These days are hard for my grandfather, who is sharp enough to know that he’s been sharper. He is … Continue reading

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